Victor Miles with groundbreaking new silencer technology

Our silencers are produced with the professional user in mind – in the defense and the police, adapted to the weapons that are already in use. In the same way, we also have a product series made with the same specifications and the same quality that we offer our professional customers adapted to the civilian market for sports shooters and hunters.

Silencers today are based on combining pressure and sound in chambers inside the silencer. With the help of new and future-oriented production technology, we have challenged the established and gone down completely new paths – with sensational results!

VictorMiles Stealth Silencer Benefits:


Record minimal sound and supressor-flash footprint.


By being uncompromising in our choice of materials, we offer our products with the lowest possible weight and absolute durability.


Monoblock construction. The entire muffler consists of only one part. Our patented construction creates internal support structures that provide enormous strength in the construction.


Construction without internal baffles.


We use the best of expertise in Europe for the design of our silencers, and use an independent weapon design company in Germany for design and calculations. Here we find competence built on engineering education in the field of weapons technology and many years of experience within the German arms industry. We use Solid Works for design and computer simulations.

Quality control

We use one supplier of the raw materials in our production, regardless of which production location physically produces the individual product. This helps to ensure superior quality, which becomes our customers’ security for a quality product.


We have agreements with several external production sites regarding the production itself. We ensure that we have the highest quality of our products by exclusively using ISO certified subcontractors in our production, and that we ourselves carry out continuous quality checks and follow-up of the production itself and the products that are produced.

OEM production

We have good experience as an OEM manufacturer (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Together with modern production methods, the products can be easily adapted to OEM production.


In our production planning, each silencer is planned through the entire production line before the actual production starts. Even the serial number is assigned during production planning. In the same way, raw materials and production machines are also logged for each individual product. This ensures traceability throughout the value chain up to our customers.